The Best Hiking Gear Brands

One of my favorite things about this outdoor culture, is the fashion behind it. There is a large community of big and small brands that design and make clothes, accessories and other apparel for outdoor lovers like ourselves.

When looking for gear, it is important to look for quality products that will last and keep you comfortable in the elements. Whether that be for warm or cold weather.

Here are some brands to look out for when you plan your next excursion.


Recreation Equipment Incorporated is a growing brand that was started by a group of mountain climbing friends, it has been gaining a loyal following over the years and has become quite popular. REI really cares about the customers as well, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check them out, official REI website.

Mountain Hardwear

These guys have been around since 1993, and they have been dedicated to making and producing the highest quality outdoor gear for guys and gals. The company even says that you will see more of their expedition tents on mountains more than any other brand.

Topo Designs

Topo designs makes some of the most clean and simple products on the market. Their take on outdoor gear draws from nature with a quiet and calm kind of vibe. They make some awesome backpacks too.


Penfield takes inspiration from the New England aesthetic. They make everything from, jackets, packs and coats.

Iron and Resin

These guys represent a nice chill, lifestyle beach bum type vibe, mixed with biker. They make tees, trunks, gloves and more.


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